Meeting Notes – March 2021

It was a small gathering today on Zoom on this first day of Spring. The Treasurer gave her report and we have 16 paid members currently. We discussed starting to meet in-person come June/July. Aviva has graciously offered her yard for a gatherings which also has a restroom not inside the house and patio wifi for Zoom. Or a park with a restroom but we’d have to mark out a perimeter with caution tape or yarn to keep curious visitors at a safe distance.

Show and tell began and Carol showed us a lovely colorful woven baby blanket she made some time ago. She will also be doing the Maryland Sheep to Shawl with Meridian Jacobs since it will be virtual.

Heather has been having fun using her Electric Eel Wheel Nano and has been experimenting with plying as she waits for her Ashford to come.

Laura is still working on a recycled cashmere blanket and making produce baskets for her pantry. She also shared some fibery souvenirs from her trip to Websters in Ashland, OR.

Ginger is keeping buy sock knitting.

Kelly showed everyone the yarn, velvet, and various fabrics she dyed with sour grass and backing soda. Orange!

Nancy found some yummy roving at her local thrift store and also shared 2 sweet dog sweaters she had finished.

Sage shared a sweet little dragon she made from her hand spun for her friend’s new baby.

Aviva showed off a hat she made for Sage that matched her birthday jackets!

Meeting Notes – Feb 2021

We had 12 members log in during this month’s Zoom meeting. A good turn-out!

The Treasurer gave her report

Nancy shared that she got an Ashford Traditional. However she noticed there’s only hooks on one side of the flyer so she’s puzzled at how to ply.

Carol has many “vintage” fiber related magazines up for grabs. This includes Ply and Handwoven. She’s also working on a pair of “Bernie mitts”.

Laura was crocheting a blanket out of recycled thrifted cashmere sweater yarn that she re-dyed.

Patti showed off her first crochet afghan. Yay Patti! She has also been busy quilting.

Heather told us about fun spindle classes she found on-line and also modeled a hat she made from her spindle spun yarn.

Kelly shared her new craft of macrame rainbows and also the natural dye tags she made for when demos begin again.

Lotus has been knitting a vest from her hand spun.

Sharolene showed us a lovely woven table mat she made.

Cookie has been busy making paper beads, fabric pin cushions, and a woven bag with beads.

Meeting Notes – August 2020

Our meeting was held via Zoom this month once again. The Treasurer gave her report and let us know that the website has been renewed for the next year.

The Monterey Wool Auction will be held virtually this year and there will be on-line wool judging and auction.

Stitches at Home is happening on-line the beginning of September.

Carol let us know that Meridian Jacob’s virtual Sheep to Shawl has started. And also Lambtown’s Sheep to Shawl will also be virtual this year.

Laura has been busy spinning art yarn, buying fleeces, and solar dyeing.

Lotus made some sock birds and fun cat beds.

Sharolene has been spinning silk and merino and sample weaving for a blouse.

Kelly shared more of her natural dyeing.

We were also joined by “the other Nancy” who was searching for help with her double drive wheel.

Meeting Notes – June 2020

This month’s meeting once again was held via Zoom due to the Shelter-In-Place order. We all enjoyed seeing and visiting with each other!

Most fiber events have been cancelled throughout the country. Lambtown will be virtual this year.

Patti announced that she’ll be moving out of state in early July. She will try to stay connected via Zoom and email. She will be missed!

Sharolene shared a lovely woven lap blanket she made along with a shirt shibori dyed with indigo.

Joan showed off a hat she knitted in seed stitch.

Kelly shared a cowl and fingerless mitts she knitted from handspun.

Meeting Notes – May 2020

This month we continued with our virtual meeting via Zoom (thanks, Ange!). While we are still getting used to this new method it is always great to “see” everyone!

To start the meeting the Treasurer gave her report. She also shared that she will be making patriotic themed masks for her family.

Cookie let the group know that the Alameda County Fair is taking virtual entries this year. And she also shared her new intermesh crochet projects and some fun dorset buttons.

Carol has been busy flick carding and washing jacob fleece.

Laura managed to share a photo of her bobbin with some lovely BFL/silk to weave into a skirt.

Patti is making masks and discovering which ones are more comfy.

Ginger has been sewing clothing and making masks.

Ange has been busy making masks, weaving, and spinning silk.

Kelly shared a woven tote bag she had made and hand stitched together.

Sharolene has been spinning cotton that she had picked and also weaving a blanket.

Joan was excited to share her new inklet loom and showed us a blanket she is making.

Screen shot of a Zoom meeting!

Meeting Notes – April 2020

Due to recent happenings, our monthly meeting was conducted virtually via Zoom this month, thanks to Ange. It worked out quite nice with 11 of us joining in.

Nancy gave the Treasurer’s Report to start the meeting. There was really no new news being that most fiber events have been cancelled for the upcoming months.

Sharolene told us about her paper yarn she’s making with coffee filters, dyed with oxalis and brazilwood. Joan shared a knitted scarf with tons of texture. Patti, Carol, and Ange are all busy making masks, among other things. Nancy showed us a sweet sweater she knitted and also expressed an interest in dyeing with Avocados. Sage was spinning a bright blue fiber and Aviva was spinning silk & yak fiber from Stitches. Kelly shared some recently woven scarves.

The next meeting will be Saturday, May 2, 2020 via Zoom.

Meeting Notes – February 2020

There was a large turn out this month on what felt like a warm Spring day!

The Treasurer gave her report and collected dues. Stitches is next week and as always everyone is looking forward to it! Ange told us about the Tribal and Textile Art Show in SF beginning Feb. 21. She also reminded us about CNCH in Burlingame in April. Many classes are still open!

During our meeting many interested park-goers came by and Kelly handed out some flyers for those wanting to learn more about our craft.

Cookie was excited to share her amazing hand-painted Cricket loom and stand. She’s quite an artist!

Cookie and her amazing hand-painted loom

Meeting Notes – December 2019

There was a large group this month for our holiday pot luck/gift exchange. There was plenty of food and fibery gifts!

Our meeting began after lunch which included the Treasurer’s report and the collection of annual dues. We spoke about upcoming CNCH in Burlingame in which there are still classes available. Laura informed us that Stitches West (which is Feb 19-23, 2020) will be moving from Santa Clara to Sacramento in 2022. Carol announced that Meridian Jacobs will be having their shearing day February 1, 2020. Patti and Carol talked about Bethlehem.

It was brought up that perhaps our existing website is not serving us as it should, and also is it worth the monthly fee. We discussed options such as a Ravelry group or even a blog, which would both be free. Sharolene agreed to research these options. We also talked about having business cards made so when we are out (whether at demos or on our own) that we’d have something to give to someone with the guild’s information.

Show and tell began with Laura knitting a shawl from Lambtown fiber spun on her great wheel. Carol was spinning jacob from Meridian Jacobs. Sharolene shared her lovely shawl made from woven squares from her pin loom. Patti was spinning alpaca and also shared a fleece blanket with a crochet fleece edge. Cookie showed us her various pin looms. Cheryl was knitting a hat and Joan shared a delicate blue lace scarf. Kelly showed a black and neon scarf she had just woven and Nancy was “re-knitting” a too wide scarf to a more suitable width.

Meeting Notes – November 2019

We were met with cool autumn weather and falling leaves at this month’s meeting. Carol talked about next year’s Sheep To Shawl contest at Lambtown Dixon and the newly formed team. Ange spoke about the upcoming CNCH conference April 3-5, 2020 in Burlingame. She suggested to register soon for classes! She also told us about their fun “Return To Sender” contest. There is more info on their website. Kelly reminded everyone of the Holiday Potluck and optional gift exchange on December 21, 2019 from noon-3:00pm in the Plant/Science building. She also reminded the group about the need for fish themed knitted or crocheted hats for the Courageous Kids/American Cancer society for their April 2020 event.