Meeting Notes – May 2016

Aviva called us to order around 11:20 am.

Treasurer’s Report:

Nancy Derham, our treasurer, reported that the March 31 bank statement reported a balance of $554.16. Her records of our treasury, not yet reconciled against later bank statements, show $533.92 in the treasury. She has received the new credit card that replaces the recent expired one. (This is a credit card in Lotus’s name that we use to pay for our website.)

New Business:

The day that we meet in September is Spin-In-Public Day. Ange has visited the website for the event and will investigate getting info about our September meeting added to that site’s list of places to go to see spinners.

Aviva got email confirming that the Monterey County Fair Wool Auction will indeed be held on Labor Day (Monday) this year.

The core group of Serendipity Spinners that are planning to participate in the Sheep-to-Shawl event Oct 1 at Lambtown will be meeting tomorrow. We polled those at the meeting who’d expressed interest to see who was more firmly interested. At this point, Ange will be helping Carol and Ginger spin singles for the warp. Aviva said she’d prefer to only be a backup.

The Scottish Games are coming up on the Saturday and Sunday of Labor Day weekend at the Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton. Lynn helped make arrangements for those that went to demonstrate spinning there last year. She and Carol attested that it is a fun event. It looks like we will probably be less organized for the event this year.

Show & Tell:

Aviva had to leave early. She shows us a towel that she was making. The stripe of darker color in the photo was dyed using Osage orange plus iron. The yarn is a merino/angora blend.

Aviva's project with Osage orange + iron stripe

Aviva’s project with Osage orange + iron stripe

Aviva with lighter and darker shades of Osage orange + iron dyed yarns

Aviva with lighter and darker shades of Osage orange + iron dyed yarns

Ange is continuing to spin gray Wensleydale X Romney fiber.

Patti finished spinning her brown merino. She is now spinning natural white wool purchased to spin at her church’s yearly Bethleham reenactment. Patti is also practicing her new skill of crocheting. She made quite a few more granny squares from her handspun gold and white yarns.

Patti's spun brown yarn, plus new gold and white granny squares

Patti’s spun brown yarn, plus new gold and white granny squares

Laura is spinning on her big support spindle some Suffolk fleece that she got as a freebie a couple of meetings ago and dyed brown (photo). Laura has also been weaving and spinning at home. She finished spinning a couple of balls of blue variegated “fat yarn”. At the meeting, she showed us a recent weaving project.

Laura spinning on her big spindle

Laura spinning on her big spindle

Laura's weaving project

Laura’s weaving project

Kelly picked up a bit too much fiber at Ginger’s fiber giveaway last fall. She brought the excess to the meeting to give away. Kelly showed off the blending board that she made from a cutting board, following the general blending board design that Cookie used to make her blending board. Kelly decorated her blending board with a sheep design, using wood burning.

Kelly with the blending board she made

Kelly with the blending board she made

Karla showed up for the first time at Serendipity. She is a new spinner. She is a new spinner that learned at a workshop in Arizona. At the meeting, she was spinning yarn on a large support spindle to add a bit more twist so that it work better for a weaving project that she has in mind.

Karla adding twist for a weaving yarn

Karla adding twist for a weaving yarn

Ginger has started in on decluttering her garage and so hasn’t had much time for spinning at home.

Nancy Derham has been busy because May is a birthday month in her family. Two daughters have May birthdays. Nancy showed us two pair of socks she finished knitting. Nancy has also started knitting a replacement pair of skippers for her Japanese son-in-law who lives in Pennsylvania. The pair Nancy gave him as a gift in January already has big holes.

Nancy with 2 pair newly finished socks

Nancy with 2 pair newly finished socks

While Nancy visited Pennsylvania in April, she found a hat knitted from very soft spun yarn or roving at a thrift store. Nancy bought it for $1 and dolled it up with a flower. Nancy is spinning some pretty but not very soft dark violet.

Carol is trying to spin through her “archives” in her garage. She is currently spinning from a box labelled 2004. She’s been watching Netflix as she spins. Her recent non-hand-spinning project is a knitting project working up some souvenir yarn Carol bought while visiting a friend in Liverpool.

Sharolene is spinning multi-color yarn from fiber she dyed. Sharolene thinks the fiber is probably a wool/silk blend dyed in a Nancy Finn class.

Sharolene spinning fiber dyed in a class awhile back

Sharolene spinning fiber dyed in a class awhile back

Sharolene and a friend took a warp dyeing class in Columbia a couple of years ago. They dyed bast fiber. Sharolene used the left over dye to dye cotton balls that had been soaked the night before in mordant.

Sharolene's dyed cotton balls (I think)

Sharolene’s dyed cotton balls (I think)

Sharolene has also been busy weaving. She made a tuck lace piece. She brought and showed us a sampler. She has multiple yards of that hand woven tuck lace at home. It is woven from yarn that she got at Jean Shoe’s estate sale.

Sharolene's tuck lace sampler

Sharolene’s tuck lace sampler

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