Meeting Notes – March 2021

It was a small gathering today on Zoom on this first day of Spring. The Treasurer gave her report and we have 16 paid members currently. We discussed starting to meet in-person come June/July. Aviva has graciously offered her yard for a gatherings which also has a restroom not inside the house and patio wifi for Zoom. Or a park with a restroom but we’d have to mark out a perimeter with caution tape or yarn to keep curious visitors at a safe distance.

Show and tell began and Carol showed us a lovely colorful woven baby blanket she made some time ago. She will also be doing the Maryland Sheep to Shawl with Meridian Jacobs since it will be virtual.

Heather has been having fun using her Electric Eel Wheel Nano and has been experimenting with plying as she waits for her Ashford to come.

Laura is still working on a recycled cashmere blanket and making produce baskets for her pantry. She also shared some fibery souvenirs from her trip to Websters in Ashland, OR.

Ginger is keeping buy sock knitting.

Kelly showed everyone the yarn, velvet, and various fabrics she dyed with sour grass and backing soda. Orange!

Nancy found some yummy roving at her local thrift store and also shared 2 sweet dog sweaters she had finished.

Sage shared a sweet little dragon she made from her hand spun for her friend’s new baby.

Aviva showed off a hat she made for Sage that matched her birthday jackets!

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