Meeting Notes – June 2012

This month’s meeting was held via Zoom again being that not everyone was comfortable yet with meeting in person. Perhaps next month.

The Treasurer gave her report. We have 17 paid members currently.

Kelly reminded everyone of the upcoming in person spinning demo at Antique Autos in History Park in San Jose on September 19. She also showed off her freshly washed grey fleece from Bev Flemming in Cotati. She also shared her newest craft, flower pounding.

Heather shared some hand spun lofty grey yarn in which she will knit a vest with.

Carol showed us some yarn that she recently dyed with a mystery dye she “found” in her garage.

Cookie shared yarn spun from a fleece she got from Bev Flemming and also a blanket made from Zoom Loom squares crochet together.

Sharolene was busy warping her floor loom and showed us a gorgeous double weave project. She also shared some lovely dyed fiber from Pan’s Garden she recently purchased.

Bev showed us her Night Shift shawl and a Christmas quilt.

Aviva was still spinning “vintage” fiber she purchased on a trip to New Zealand.

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