Meeting Notes – July 2019

Warm weather and lots of sunshine greeted us at this month’s meeting.

We started the meeting formalities a bit early as Nancy had to leave. She gave the Treasurer’s report and announced that The Guild bank account has been transferred from Bank of the West to Provident Credit Union. Bank of the West was going to start charging a monthly fee on 8/1/19 so we switched to Provident, which will not charge us a monthly fee and there is no minimum balance required.

We also discussed having a banner made for The Guild so people know who we are at demonstrations. Kelly found that Vista Print could make a 3 foot banner for about $18. But an idea was also suggested about making some type of handmade banner or sign out of hand spun and possibly felt or a woven piece. Needle felted perhaps? And also have it be able to stand alone as we do not have a canopy at Emma Prusch.

A new member, Meagan, also joined us. She had seen our demo at Martial Cottle Park a while back. She came with a good sized amount of her beloved cat’s fur and was interested in getting information on how to spin it, or possibly felt it. She does not know how to spin so we recommended she learn on a drop spindle first with wool. We also explained to her how to card the cat fur with another fiber as the cat staple was very short. We hope to see her in future meetings!

Patti shared her starting of a lovely blue crochet shawl that she has been wanting to work on. Cookie was busy with a supported spindle. Joan was knitting socks. Ginger and Royce were both spinning colorful roving. Kelly was drum carding a fleece and also shared her giant pom pom!


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