Meeting Notes – December 2019

There was a large group this month for our holiday pot luck/gift exchange. There was plenty of food and fibery gifts!

Our meeting began after lunch which included the Treasurer’s report and the collection of annual dues. We spoke about upcoming CNCH in Burlingame in which there are still classes available. Laura informed us that Stitches West (which is Feb 19-23, 2020) will be moving from Santa Clara to Sacramento in 2022. Carol announced that Meridian Jacobs will be having their shearing day February 1, 2020. Patti and Carol talked about Bethlehem.

It was brought up that perhaps our existing website is not serving us as it should, and also is it worth the monthly fee. We discussed options such as a Ravelry group or even a blog, which would both be free. Sharolene agreed to research these options. We also talked about having business cards made so when we are out (whether at demos or on our own) that we’d have something to give to someone with the guild’s information.

Show and tell began with Laura knitting a shawl from Lambtown fiber spun on her great wheel. Carol was spinning jacob from Meridian Jacobs. Sharolene shared her lovely shawl made from woven squares from her pin loom. Patti was spinning alpaca and also shared a fleece blanket with a crochet fleece edge. Cookie showed us her various pin looms. Cheryl was knitting a hat and Joan shared a delicate blue lace scarf. Kelly showed a black and neon scarf she had just woven and Nancy was “re-knitting” a too wide scarf to a more suitable width.

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