Meeting Notes – August 2020

Our meeting was held via Zoom this month once again. The Treasurer gave her report and let us know that the website has been renewed for the next year.

The Monterey Wool Auction will be held virtually this year and there will be on-line wool judging and auction.

Stitches at Home is happening on-line the beginning of September.

Carol let us know that Meridian Jacob’s virtual Sheep to Shawl has started. And also Lambtown’s Sheep to Shawl will also be virtual this year.

Laura has been busy spinning art yarn, buying fleeces, and solar dyeing.

Lotus made some sock birds and fun cat beds.

Sharolene has been spinning silk and merino and sample weaving for a blouse.

Kelly shared more of her natural dyeing.

We were also joined by “the other Nancy” who was searching for help with her double drive wheel.

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