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Meeting Notes – November 2019

We were met with cool autumn weather and falling leaves at this month’s meeting. Carol talked about next year’s Sheep To Shawl contest at Lambtown Dixon and the newly formed team. Ange spoke about the upcoming CNCH conference April 3-5, 2020 in Burlingame. She suggested to register soon for classes! She also told us about their fun “Return To Sender” contest. There is more info on their website. Kelly reminded everyone of the Holiday Potluck and optional gift exchange on December 21, 2019 from noon-3:00pm in the Plant/Science building. She also reminded the group about the need for fish themed knitted or crocheted hats for the Courageous Kids/American Cancer society for their April 2020 event.

Meeting Notes – October 2019

We had a good size turn-out this month as we were met with cool weather. Meeting was called to order and the Treasurer gave her report. Lambtown festivities were discussed as well as Sheep to Shawl. Patti announced that Bethlehem will be December 12-16 this year and is looking for volunteers to help teach spinning on a spindle. Nancy shared some gorgeous glass work she made while on a trip to Seattle. Cookie shared the yarn she has been working on a while on her spindle. Kelly shared several of her crocheted fish hats for Courageous Kids/American Cancer Society.

Cookie and her lovely yarn she spun on her spindle!
Nancy sharing her gorgeous glass work!

Meeting Notes – August 2019

We had sunny yet breezy weather at the park for this month’s meeting. The wind made it difficult to work with our fiber! Some switched to knitting instead of spinning.

Our meeting began with the Treasurer’s report. Aviva spoke about the upcoming wool show and auction at the Monterey County Fair 8/29 – 9/2. The auction is on Labor Day. We also talked about spinning at the Scottish Games at the Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton also on Labor Day weekend. It’s known to be a hot venue but a lot of fun if you’d like to go and spin! Ginger and Aviva discussed the fleece they are working with for the Sheep-To-Shawl at Lambtown in October. Also upcoming is Antique Autos in History Park in San Jose on 9/22. At least 2 of us will be spinning there this year. On 9/28 the Sunnyvale Heritage Museum will be having a celebration and they have invited us to spin from 11am – 4pm. Kelly shared that from 9/6 – 9/8 Meridian Jacobs Farm in Vacaville will be having an “estate sale” featuring fiber, yarns, books, and some equipment.

Aviva was spinning silk on her pocket wheel while Laura was spinning cotton rolags on her newly made spindle. Cookie was weaving on her pin loom and Nancy started spinning but then switched to knitting due to the wind. Ginger spun lovely purple wool while Kelly spun merino/rambioulet. Meagan showed us the components she purchased to make her own blending board. Laura carded some of Meagan’s cat’s fur and spun up a small bit on her spindle.

Cookie showing off her brightly colored weaving squares that will become a bag.

Nancy shared her “camping socks”


Meeting Notes – July 2019

Warm weather and lots of sunshine greeted us at this month’s meeting.

We started the meeting formalities a bit early as Nancy had to leave. She gave the Treasurer’s report and announced that The Guild bank account has been transferred from Bank of the West to Provident Credit Union. Bank of the West was going to start charging a monthly fee on 8/1/19 so we switched to Provident, which will not charge us a monthly fee and there is no minimum balance required.

We also discussed having a banner made for The Guild so people know who we are at demonstrations. Kelly found that Vista Print could make a 3 foot banner for about $18. But an idea was also suggested about making some type of handmade banner or sign out of hand spun and possibly felt or a woven piece. Needle felted perhaps? And also have it be able to stand alone as we do not have a canopy at Emma Prusch.

A new member, Meagan, also joined us. She had seen our demo at Martial Cottle Park a while back. She came with a good sized amount of her beloved cat’s fur and was interested in getting information on how to spin it, or possibly felt it. She does not know how to spin so we recommended she learn on a drop spindle first with wool. We also explained to her how to card the cat fur with another fiber as the cat staple was very short. We hope to see her in future meetings!

Patti shared her starting of a lovely blue crochet shawl that she has been wanting to work on. Cookie was busy with a supported spindle. Joan was knitting socks. Ginger and Royce were both spinning colorful roving. Kelly was drum carding a fleece and also shared her giant pom pom!


Meeting Notes – June 2019

We had lovely weather for our gathering this month at Emma Prusch Park. The park was quite busy and thus we had many interested children come over and Patti and Carol showed them how to spin with spindles.

The Treasurer gave her report to start the meeting. Sheep To Shawl for Lambtown was discussed. Carol talked about the Central Coast Weavers Retreat near Cambria in November 2019. Kelly mentioned that she visited Green Planet Yarn in San Jose which is now Fillory yarn. They will eventually be starting weaving and spinning classes! Kelly also inquired with the group about starting a Serendipity Spinners Facebook group. Most felt it would be a good idea. Laura also suggested making our Ravelry group more active.

For sharing Laura brought some woven samples she made for a jacket she’s making for her husband. And Joan showed off lovely textured shawls.

A lovely blue textured shawl

Meeting Notes – March 2019

This month’s large group was greeted with superb weather and sunshine! We welcomed 3 new members!

The Treasurer gave her report and newly created name tags were also handed out. Upcoming fiber events were discussed: Martial Cottle Park Spring Festival, Hidden Villa, Spinning at the Winery, and Barn to Yarn in Hopland. These have been added into the calendar for more info. It was decided that we’ll all bring our own projects to work on at Hidden Villa on April 27. Carol may also bring a completed shawl or some hand cards.

Show and Tell began with some sharing from items purchased at last month’s Stitches West.

Aviva shared her in-process sweater for her husband made from hand spun.

Margaret showed off an incredibly soft shawl

Cookie shared a throw she is working on made with bright Red Heart yarn

Nancy brought along some needle felting and cookie cutters

Here are some of Nancy’s needle felted goodies

Patti was proud to share her first ever crochet hat!

New member Joan shared her gorgeous red scarf



Meeting Notes – February 2019

We had a very small group today due to the rainy weather. We were fortunate enough to get an indoor location for the meeting. The Treasurer gave her report and then we had a brief show-and-tell. Carol brought her spinning wheel while Aviva and Laura brought knitting to work on. Patti was crocheting coasters and Kelly was finger-picking alpaca.

Upcoming Stitches was discussed as well as Hidden Villa in April. Kelly will be the “coordinator” for Serendipity at Hidden Villa. Ideas for demos were talked about. Also a very basic flyer was made to have at demos for those who are interested in spinning and the guild.

Meeting Notes – December 2018

We had our annual holiday pot luck this month. It was a good turnout with plenty of yummy food and fun gift exchange. Patti told us about Bethlehem and their record number of visitors! We had show and tell and collected our annual dues. We discussed making up fliers for spinning demos to give out to those that are interested.