Monthly Archives: February 2021

Meeting Notes – Feb 2021

We had 12 members log in during this month’s Zoom meeting. A good turn-out!

The Treasurer gave her report

Nancy shared that she got an Ashford Traditional. However she noticed there’s only hooks on one side of the flyer so she’s puzzled at how to ply.

Carol has many “vintage” fiber related magazines up for grabs. This includes Ply and Handwoven. She’s also working on a pair of “Bernie mitts”.

Laura was crocheting a blanket out of recycled thrifted cashmere sweater yarn that she re-dyed.

Patti showed off her first crochet afghan. Yay Patti! She has also been busy quilting.

Heather told us about fun spindle classes she found on-line and also modeled a hat she made from her spindle spun yarn.

Kelly shared her new craft of macrame rainbows and also the natural dye tags she made for when demos begin again.

Lotus has been knitting a vest from her hand spun.

Sharolene showed us a lovely woven table mat she made.

Cookie has been busy making paper beads, fabric pin cushions, and a woven bag with beads.