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Hello and welcome to the Serendipity Spinners website! We hold our meetings the 3rd Saturday of every month at Emma Prusch Farm Park in San Jose. The next meeting will be Saturday, January 21, 2023.

We gather just before 11:00am under the trees by the play ground. You are welcome to bring your wheel or any other project to work on. Be sure to also bring a chair and perhaps lunch. In the event that it rains on our meeting day, we’ll meet on Zoom.

You can also keep in contact via our Facebook group, which is for Serendipity guild members only. Stay well everyone!

Serendipity now has a Facebook page for guild members! …https://www.facebook.com/groups/468629607223039/

Meeting Notes – November 2022

Laura graciously offered her patio for our annual holiday potluck and optional gift exchange next month. Thanks Laura!

Aviva brought up the thought of perhaps having Clemes and Clemes come do a fiber prep class for us sometime next year. What fun!

Stitches West is coming up the end of February in Sacramento.

Show and Tell began and Sharolene was spinning beautiful silk and also brought lots of freebies!

Rachel shared her first knit sweater.

Laura was knitting a gorgeous mosaic shawl.

Patti was here from Washington with her family. She is recruiting for Bethlehem again which will be 12/8-12/11. Visit https://www.scfbc.org/bethlehem/ for more info.

Joan showed us a fun knitted lemon hat kit.

Mary was busy spinning fiber she previously got from Kelly.

Melanie was crocheting a vest from hand spun merino.

Sage was feverishly working on her “Damnit Kelly” basket!

Kelly was working on a crochet cake tissue box cover.

Meeting Notes – August 2022

Ten of us gathered under the trees at the park for this month’s meeting. Nancy gave the Treasurer report. There are currently 16 paid members.

Upcoming Fiber Events: 9/4 is the Monterey Wool Auction, 9/10 is a spinning demo at the Sunnyvale Museum, 9/17 is a spinning demo at Antique Autos in History Park, 10/1 is a spinning demo at the Fall Festival at Martial Cottle Park, 10/1-10/2 is Lambtown in person

Show and Tell:

Cookie showed us a small skein she spun from her own hair! Also a beautiful shawl made from handspun.

Laura shared some woven treasures from a recent trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Sarah showed off her first plied skein in 8 years!

Nancy shared some slippers made from yarn she got from Laura.

Meeting Notes – June 2022

It was a small group this month. The meeting began with Aviva sharing 2 upcoming spinning demo events;

September 10th, new member Kerstin who is part of the Waldorf School of the Peninsula is looking for someone to demo for their students from 10am-4pm at the Sunnyvale Community Center.

October 1st Martial Cottle Park is having their Fall Festival. However that is the same weekend as Lambtown.

Show and Tell:

Maurisa brought a new wheel with hopes of figuring out how to put it together and get it working. It was an older Clemes and Clemes.

Amy was trying out her short forward draw with some corriedale top.

Ange, who just got back from a fab trip to Indonesia, was spinning paper and showed off 2 primitive spindles she bought there.

Aviva was busy knitting a shawl.

Ginger has been busy knitting socks and organizing.

Kelly was spinning merino to use as warp for a natural dye scarf.

New member Sara joined the group.

Meeting Notes – May 2022

It was a warm day and a large group for this months’ meeting. We had 5 new members come, most of whom were new to spinning.

We talked about the upcoming fiber events: The Monterey Wool Auction & Show is Memorial Day weekend, and Lambtown (finally in person!) is October 1 & 2.

The Treasurer gave her report and said that the guild currently has 13 paid members.

For show and tell Anita was knitting a cowl with yarn from A Verb For Keeping Warm.

Laura brought some freebies and her walking wheel and was spinning cotton.

Kirsten, a new member, is a handwork teacher and is interested in getting better at the drop spindle.

Heather, who joined during the pandemic and this was her first in-person meeting, brought her eel wheel.

Carol also brought some destash has been spinning “found” fleece in her garage.

Juliette, a new member, was spinning on her eel wheel.

Ginger was spinning fiber from Stitches 2019.

Kelly was spinning merino to use as warp for a scarf and also shared her recently eco-printed velvet and silk.

Deb showed off some beautiful wensleydale locks and also brought some to give away.

Amy, a new member and new spinner, brought her gorgeous antique wheel to spin on.

Nancy was accompanied by her daughter, Kathy. She showed off some pink and purple yarn she had gotten from Laura and also a pair of felted slippers that came out way too big. But they were pretty!

Meeting Notes – January 2022

It was a pleasant day with 7 of us attending this month’s meeting. Those in attendance paid their annual dues and the Treasurer gave her report.

Carol suggested that we could perhaps change our gathering location within Emma Prusch a little farther away from the playground. It makes for a lot of noise so we can’t hear each other and also eager children will run right up to us which used to be fine, but not so much anymore.

Carol announced that Meridian Jacobs will be having their shearing day January 29th, however it is not open to the public this time.

Show and Tell:

Cookie was busy spinning baby doll fleece she got from Kelly. It cleaned up lovely! She also shared some gorgeous sari silk that she has been spindle spinning.

Laura was carding and spinning fleece from Bev Flemming in Cotati.

Ange shared her amazing hand spun tissue paper/sewing pattern that she incorporated into a weaving.

Sharolene was knitting a sweater from her hand spun dyed by Pan’s Garden in beautiful blues and purples.

Nancy was busy knitting baby toys for her new upcoming grandchildren.

Meeting Notes – November 2021

It was a chilly day under the trees. We welcomed new member Debi! The Treasurer gave her report. The group discussed a new web hosting company. Ginger recommended In Motion. She will do more research and get back with everyone on costs. Laura offered her home for a possible holiday gathering in December.

For show and tell Laura passed around some hand spun that she dyed with primaries and black.

Ange shared fun yarn she made out of tissue paper that was plied with silk. She had taken a Judith MacKenzie class.

Cookie brought out her fabulous painted loom and stand. She also passed around a basket she made where she crocheted around roving.

Debi showed us some of her beginning hand spun. Great for a beginner!

Carol was spinning “antique” fleece from the 90’s.

Ginger shared her new off the needles socks in fun colors

Nancy passed around cute stocking ornaments knitted from her hand spun.

Kelly shared a cowl knitted out of yarn dyed with coreopsis and marigolds.

Meeting Notes – July 2021

This was our first in-person meeting since the pandemic began! It was a lovely summer day under the trees with a light breeze. Five of us attended including Patti from Washington!

There was no formal meeting probably because we were all so giddy just to be out again among friends! Four of us were spinning and Patti brought along some crochet. Most on lookers respectively kept their distance while asking questions. It was great to be back!

Next month’s meeting will be held via Zoom.

Meeting Notes – June 2012

This month’s meeting was held via Zoom again being that not everyone was comfortable yet with meeting in person. Perhaps next month.

The Treasurer gave her report. We have 17 paid members currently.

Kelly reminded everyone of the upcoming in person spinning demo at Antique Autos in History Park in San Jose on September 19. She also showed off her freshly washed grey fleece from Bev Flemming in Cotati. She also shared her newest craft, flower pounding.

Heather shared some hand spun lofty grey yarn in which she will knit a vest with.

Carol showed us some yarn that she recently dyed with a mystery dye she “found” in her garage.

Cookie shared yarn spun from a fleece she got from Bev Flemming and also a blanket made from Zoom Loom squares crochet together.

Sharolene was busy warping her floor loom and showed us a gorgeous double weave project. She also shared some lovely dyed fiber from Pan’s Garden she recently purchased.

Bev showed us her Night Shift shawl and a Christmas quilt.

Aviva was still spinning “vintage” fiber she purchased on a trip to New Zealand.

Meeting Notes – April 2021

We started off the meeting discussing the possibilities of soon meeting in person once again, whether it’s at a member’s home or back at Emma Prusch. We’ll wait and see how things go this summer.

The Treasurer gave her report and noted that there are currently 17 paid members.

Show and tell began and Laura is still working on her Tunisian crochet blanket made from thrifted cashmere. She’s also been busy cleaning a fleece she bought in Cotati.

Carol talked about the Central Coast Handweavers Retreat in early November near Morro Bay. Also the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival Sheep to Shawl judging will be on-line on May 1-2. She showed off her lovely orange yarn that she dyed with Kelly’s exhaust sour grass dye. She’s also been carding some jacob for a blanket.

Nancy has been making knitted critters such as beavers and hedgehogs and also making socks.

Sage is knitting one of her “new baby dragons” and also showed off her yarn dyed with red cabbage, turmeric, and beets left over from Easter eggs.

Aviva was spinning some fiber she got from New Zealand to make a fair isle sweater.

Ange shared that she had taken an inkle loom class and was making shoe laces.

Kelly showed off her giant pom pom.

Sharolene has been weaving for a towel exchange and showed off a knitted pony tail hat she had made.

Heather has been busy spinning some jacob and doing test swatches for a vest.

Lotus was doing some miter square knitting.

Ginger has been doing a bit of spinning among other things.

Marcia has been making scarves.